Green Paradise Free Like A Wind




Geb. 26.07.2018

CEA frei

MDR +/+, HD - B





D. CH.

Eastdale Just Happy Friend

MDR +/+, CEA frei



Ch.Lundcock´s Happy Talk 


Ch.Edglonian Strollingnomado-


Milesend Stroller
Edglonian Rather A Dark Glow
Ch.Lundecock´s Waterlily  Seavali Sanday
Ch.Lundcocks Lily-of-the Valley
Eastdale Just A Spinning Image


 Snabswood Spitting Image Iliat Imagemaker
Snabswood Sandra Dee 
Ch.Eastdale Just A Stormy Dream CH.Milesend Stormking
CH.Eastdale Just A Summerdream
Green Paradise under the Blue Sky u

HD-A, CEA frei, MDR1 +/+

Ch.Another Day in Paradise of

Albula´s Lady


Ch. Eastdale Classic Farmer CH.Doonelodge Devil My Care
Eastdale Classic Black Fabienn
Rania last Magic Paradise of 

Albula´s Lady


Ch.Proper Dandy of Little Wonderland
CH.Paradise Magic Coconut von Albula 

Fantasy van´t Lozenbos

Ch.Eastdale Born To Be Clown 

Carneros El Hassan de Westpark
Ch.Eastdale Blue Mayflower 

Ch.Yenthe Little Fantasy


Ch.Dawnville Gee I´m Handsome Too 
Ch. Tai of the Golden Fir